Higher than normal water usage?


Higher than normal water usage? Use this helpful tip to determine if you have a leaky toilet, water softener leak, or just a leaky pipe in your home:

STEP 1 - Locate your water meter. (Usually found in the basement next to your water filter)

STEP 2 - Make sure all your water fixtures in your home are turned off.

STEP 3 - Check to see if the small red dial is spinning. (See photo) If dial is spinning, you have a water leak.

A small leak can cause thousands of gallons of water loss in a months time. Check your meter often and fix leaks to save yourself money. Please share this helpful tip!

Warning Siren Test

Anthon's warning siren will be tested the 1st Monday of each month @ 1:00 pm from March until September.

2019 Mosquito Control

Triple C Pest Control will be spraying in the City of Anthon for mosquitoes. They will be controlling mosquitoes by ground starting on May 20, 2019 and continuing through September 2019. They will be spraying every Monday Evening. If you need to be notified prior to each spraying please call City Hall at 373-5218 to be put on the registry.